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How to Contribute

Ktuq̓ȼqakyam will run four times per year.

Print run will be 1,000 copies.

Distribution will be by bulk drop-off at distribution points, with some direct mail as requested.

In between the newsprint issues, there will be digital issues, so we welcome contributions any time of the year.

Here are some rough content guidelines about preparing content for print:

Photos are most welcome!
Please ensure the images are in JPG form, and the resolution of the image is 200 dpi or higher.
Contact for more info.
**Please include photographer’s name, and the names of the people in the photos,
along with a ‘cutline’ explaining what is happening in the photo.

  • Feature Stories:
    Pitch your feature story ideas be emailing
    Features are between 750 and 1,000 words, with one or more photos.
    Subject should be of interest to a wide Ktunaxa readership.

    We can schedule page space for you.

  • Short News Items:
    Send your finished short news items to
    Items can be anywhere from 100 to 500 words, with photos optional.
    These items are to tell Ktunaxa readers something you believe of value to them.

  • Nations’ Updates:
    Sharing stories from the four Ktunaxa First Nations is top priority.
    Readers will welcome news items, columns, reports, photo essays,
    "Nasuʔkin Updates," Health Centre news, Community Initiatives and more.
    Anywhere from 100 to 1,000 words, and photos most appreciated. Please email updates to

  • Language & Culture Learnings:
    An educational and sharing space open to all Ktunaxa who have something to share about Language & Culture.
    Can be as short as 25 words or up to 1,000 if a feature-length piece. Email

  • Business Cards:
    Bring in your business card for us to scan for the back-page directory.
    Or send a scan or high-quality cell phone photo to
    This is a free marketing opportunity.

  • Letters and Opinion:
    This section is for letters and opinion pieces up to 300 words in length.
    Letters may be edited for length and clarity and must include a phone number and address of the author.
    (This information will not appear in print, but is needed to verify the letter.)
    No edited opinion pieces or letters will run without explicit permission of the original author.

  • Events Promotions:
    Please provide:
    Name of event;
    contact info;
    photos or promo posters if possible.

  • Story Tips:
    We are always on the lookout for story tips and are most excited to receive stories written by Ktunaxa.
    Reach out!

"Not a writer?"

No problem!

There are many ways to prepare stories for sharing.

We can interview you, help you find a writer to work with, or work with you to polish what you have.

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