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KNC Forest Standards Document

By Chris Joseph
KNC Forestry Authorizations Coordinator

Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit qapi niskiⱡ.

The KNC Forestry department would like to present the KNC Forest Standards Document.

It is the beginning of building a framework for Ktunaxa forest policy.

The intent of the document is to provide for improved Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) standards with consideration of Ktunaxa values and increase precautionary management (consistent with Ktunaxa stewardship principles for ʔa·kxamis q̓api qapsin - All Living Things) in the short term.

The document was developed with the help of Lands staff from the Ktunaxa Nation Council and all four of the Ktunaxa Nations in Canada.

The KNC FSD is considered a ‘living document’ and will be subject to review via the Cultural Conservation Value Forest program.

As you may know, B.C. has enacted new legislation to shape forestry operations planning that begins with First Nations and BC Provincial government consultations.

These consultations will be focused on the development of Forest Landscape Plans (FLP) for Timber Supply Areas.

The FLP will replace the FSP and be aligned with a Timber Supply Review.

Incorporation of the KNC FSD into the Timber Supply Review modelling can help produce an estimate of available timber for harvest that is based on the measures outlined throughout the document.

This will be instrumental in the implementation of a Ktunaxa plan for the preservation and enhancement of Ktunaxa cultural values.

KNC are hoping that through the implementation of KNC Forest Standards Document the Ktunaxa community can become more involved in the review and decision making processes in all major timber harvest operations and minor tenures.

Click HERE to review the document draft.

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